Monday, February 17, 2014

5 min free write... 
Light beam momentary radiance. blurriness. memory. How do we forget a face we know? we love? How can we move forward from regret? How can we hold on to our memories that float up and away before we’re ready? How can we stop clinging to them and let them go. The future becomes the present and the present becomes the past. Time! Do memories exist in time? Do clothes fit in memories? Are people blurry or clear in our remembering of them? Details! Who’s memory are we in? Who’s remembering who? Who’s misremembering who? Why do we remember? to forget? to move past? That’s weird… move past. Shouldn’t it be move future.
Is Tom stuck in time? Are they all stuck in time? How is the storm taking over? the musical storm? the light storm? the body storm? the mind storm? the language storm? The breathing storm? Can we hear their heartbeats?
A world of sensation. A storm of sensation. A flood of sensation. How can I taste this world on my tongue? in my nose? on my skin?
How can we spark our own memories with a memory play? How can we cling, catch, grasp, punch, slap, pet, smother, stroke our memories? Why would we want to?!

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