Monday, February 17, 2014

5-minute response from Heidi

Hey everyone,

Below is my 5-minute response.  And here is a link to the song I kept hearing in my mind as I was reading.  It starts at 24:07.


A world lit by lightning
A world lit by chandeliers
A world lit by candles when the electricity goes out
A world in darkness
A shattered rainbow
The thing that came before the discoball, that threw the world into flecks of light
The rose colored shade over the new floor lamp
Suspended world, held by memory, a floatingness
And and and and and and and and
A SPOTLIGHT, a limelight, always in the limelight
Light of the past, light of the future
Suspension in time
Time is the greatest distance
Then to now, to tomorrow, how will you handle tomorrow, and how do you handle the past?

The past, regrets, what’s been holding you back, what makes you want to dream instead of live

Flickering movies, movies on screens, its make of light

TV screens and computer screens are lit from within, so they are painful to look at for too long, but movies are reflected – you aren’t looking at the source of the light, you’re looking at a reflection, so you can look at it for hours and hours, to give your eyes a break.  Louie taught me that.

There aws another thing I wanted to say, what was it?  WHAT WAS IT??

Eyes hurting.  Techonology: vitrola, typewriter, escape, taking care of you sick sister for her whole life, giving up, doing it for yourself or for your family

What is the Merchant Marine?  Not like the marines… just like sailors?  PIRATES.


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  2. A shattered rainbow, a shattered rainbow, a shattered rainbow-...

    is it broken light? Is it a cloudy prism?