Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Notes from our super fast meeting!
Some of these may not make sense, but it's what I wrote down :)

Quick Meeting Feb. 19th.

reflecting light (like projected movies). Can we light the play this way? all reflections
"momentary radiance, not actual, not lasting"

reflecting action

not exhausting our eyes like computer screens and phone screens and ALL the screens

pulling something into focus

amorphous world


lime light

residual tension of objects  (and everything is an object, Tom, Laura, Amanda, Jim, Victrola, Glass Menagerie, chair, table, shoes, dress, coats, EVERYTHING) then we can have a power struggle. A battle between objects about where they want to be when and why depending on the memory we are in and which object is controlling the memory.

What is the callibration of the moment-ness btw objects?

what is each object's journey?

Where is the beauty and cruelty or each object and when do we see what side?

how can we take William's production notes and design ideas and make them as novel and exciting as they would have been when the play came out? What is the projected titles device of today? What is as instantaneous?

More soon! Love to hear any thoughts!

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