Sunday, March 16, 2014

However, furniture got me thinking

I started looking at piles of furniture...

We are interested in the idea of suspension? Suspension doesn’t imply something active though, and I think the memories are very actives. It’s more of a haunting. A ghost image that you see in the mirror. That moment when you look at a photo of yourself from high school and realize how old you’ve become. If they were suspended, I don’t think there would be a play. WHAT’S HAPPENED TO THEM? Is Tom haunted by what happened then or is it more what might have happened after?


First thing I've been looking at is furniture. Two ideas here: refurbished / recycled / repurposed / RECONSTRUCTED furniture, or period furniture. Pictures of both...

Friday, March 14, 2014

Musings based on last week's meeting

Hey all,

Questions, mostly, that have been haunting me:

Whose lights are these? 

If all the objects' lives are determined by the characters' desires, where are OUR desires?  Do we get any?  Where is the boundary?  Is there one?  Did Tom hang the lights?  Did he pick this room to conjure his memories?  Do we, the makers, own nothing?  Does EVERYTHING belong to the characters' desires, down to the seats in the theatre?  Have we set up anything for them?  Does anything belong to us?  IS THERE A BOUNDARY?

Do light tricks, Tangible Magic, belong to THEM as well?

Are THEY, the characters, in charge of the SM?

Who makes the storm?

Who cuts the power?

Is that us?  Who are we?  Are we pretending there is no us?

Are lights objects for the characters to manipulate?

If so, is this the moon:

Does Laura turn the light onto her glass menagerie?
Does Amanda light up her own dress?

Do the characters get surprised?  By anything?  Is there something they thought they controlled that they actually don't?

I crave non-slick magic tricks.


Friday, March 7, 2014

"Mirror ball" or "Glitter ball"

History lesson:

The disco ball was popular long before disco.  It was called a glitter ball or a mirror ball.  There's one in the Paradise Dance Hall.