Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mapping (a start)

Hi Loves, 
Here is the beginning of my mapping. Of my titles and moments that I will map out. The beginning of how I'm making my way through the play. Hope it's helpful! Much more soon! xoxo c

Tricks in my pocket
Tom’s first speech
Where: Fire Escape
What do we need: Not a thing 
Who: Tom

Blue Mountain
Dinner with Amanda and Laura
Where: Dining room table
What: Chairs. Portrait of Dad. Cigarettes and matches
Who: Laura, Amanda, Tom. A screen?

Deception (Scene Two)
The truth about Laura
Where: Living room
What: Glass menagerie, Victrola, typewriter, couch?, Yearbook.
Who: Laura and Amanda

Fiasco (Scene Three)
phone and fight
Where: Living room
What: Telephone with long cord. Screens. Table? side tables? And all objects that have been introduced into space.
Who: Amanda, Tom, Laura
****Maybe during Tom’s crazy blow up speech “El Diablo!...” we can play with lights and clothes shifting/elongating/exploding/grotesque-ing his appearance.

Crack (Scene Four, part one)
Drunk Tom
Where: Fire Escape, Living Room
What: cigarettes, keys, couch, scarf, movie ticket stubs, bottle, noise rattle
Who: Tom, Laura

Rise and Shine (Scene Four, part two)
Wake up call
Where: living room
What: everything that’s there already
Who: Amanda, Tom, Laura

Slip (Scene four, the moment Laura leaves and slips on her way out)
Laura off balance! Then Amanda and Tom make amends. Let’s talk about Laura.
Where: inside and outside (maybe we don’t see her slip?)
What: Everything that’s already there. Coffee.
Who: Laura, Tom, Amanda

Wishing on the MOON
After dinner clean up and fire escape dreaming
Where: Fire Escape
What: everything that’s already there
Who: Tom, Amanda, a little Laura

Gay Deceivers
Prepping for Gentleman Caller
Where: Living Room
What: more lamps, silk shades, fancy accents, something for Laura to stand on in her new dress.

The Opening of a Door (TERROR!)
Jim O’Connor arrives
Where: Living to dining room
What: Everything plus newspaper. cigarettes. What does Jim bring with him?
Who: Laura, Amanda, Tom, Jim

Lights Out (STORM!)
half-hour after dinner. Electricity out
Where: Dining room
What: Everything plus candles
Who: Amanda, Tom, Jim

Jim & Laura
maybe dreams do come true
Where: Living room
What: everything plus gum
Who: Jim, Laura

Goodbye Jim
The truth about Jim
Where: Living room
What: everything plus destruction and harsher light
Who: Laura, Amanda, Jim

Accusations & Suspension
Escape and Breath
Where: Living room/ Fire Escape
What: Everything leaves and we have nothing again? or everything explodes to more?
Who: Laura, Amanda, Jim

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